One of the best ways to release stresses from our body is Massages. One hour of good massage can relax, rejuvenate and revitalise our body and mind. Bonafides have more than 27 years of experience in delivering the massage you need.

Why Us?

Why many people had chosen Bonafides as their First choice when it comes to Body massage is that we offers a wide range of services and we know where are the points on our body that when presses, it releases stress from your body. That is why we guarantee that you will definitely feel good after our massages.


Our Masseuse are trained professionally and are constantly staying ahead of times and Bonafides attend conventions and trade fairs to bring in the best massage oil for our

Foot Reflexology

Feeling sore from all the walking in our busy city? Enjoy our professional Foot Reflexology and rejuvenate your legs from the soreness.

Pre/Post Natal Massage

During pregnancy, many women experience discomforts and lots of stress and pre/post natal massage can help to release the stress

Bespoke Massage

​From Javanese to swedish, traditional ‘Tui Na’ and even aroma massage, we have it all. We will be able to advise which is the best massage on that day for your sore body.

Bust/Ovary Care

A non-invasive female health massage that works reproductive system. menstrual cycle, clear out congestion, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, help detoxification and promote overall hormonal balance.