Introducing our Brand New Good Night Tea!!!!!

Some of our customers had trouble sleeping throughout the night. Some had bad quality sleep and that affected their entire day. We are living in a high stress, fast paced and ever-changing society and many are deprived of a good night sleep.

If you are feeling tired, why not give our Good Night Tea a try?

100% wholefood Product by Australia
Does not contain caffeine
Dried Naturally, Vacuum Packed and airlifted to Singapore

Amino Acids and Polyphenols contained in Good Night Tea can help improve the quality of sleep. When the quality is improved, our body's function is positively adjusted.

How to Drink:
Boil 1 sachet of Good Night Tea with 1 litre of water
Drink about 300ml before Dinner and finish up the rest through out the Night before you sleep.
You can add sugar for taste (optional)
After 1 - 3 days of drinking, it will help to regulate sleep

Why is it Unique?
Good Night Tea grows wild in mountainous regions of the Tropics, the rich volcanic soil and the local environment allows the herbs to grow healthily. The wild tea trees are only accessible by an 8-hour return trek through the mountains from the nearest vehicle transport

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