Confidence. That is the intrinsic benefit of having a facial done. More often than not, we are judged by our we dress and how we look. Many men and ladies would love to improve their skin condition and are constantly on the lookout for solution.

Why Us?

We specialise in Facial Services. We provide the services you are looking for, be it lifting, shaping, whitening, you want it, we offer it. We attend trade shows around the world to bring in the latest equipment, products for our clients and this ensure we stay at the top of our game.


We offer a relaxing environment for our clients to relax their mind while improving their skin because this is what Bonafides believes in. We bring you to a relax state of mind while you are here with us.

Facial Services

Express Facial

Do you want to have glowing skin? We have to ensure that our skin have enough moisture in order to achieve that. However, daily exposure to the environment (sun, air-con etc) depletes our skin's moisture and thus we introduce this treatment to hydrate your skin.

Bespoke Facial

This specific treatment contains the cell's revival agent and pure Papain extract. It provides vitality to the tissue and has the ability to retain moisture. The use of DNA and Vitamin V and E, help to embrace skin elasticity and minimize wrinkles. It accelerates metabolism and renews the skin. It is the best anti-spot whitening treatment.

Crystalline Facial

Crystalline Facial is an intense massage treatment that improves blood circulation, rejuvenates blood cells, decreases water retention, tightens pores and stimulates face skin longevity. This treatment also aids to drain the lymphatic system.

Eye Treatment

This treatment prevents the appearance of lines, dark under-eye circles and puffiness around the eyes.