Our Story

We are a home-grown company that has been established since 1989, starting from Ang Mo Kio and expanded into a total of 6 outlets spread throughout Singapore. Our founders started this company due to their shared passion in the beauty industry and wanting to share their passion in beauty with basically anyone and everyone. We believe in treating everyone with good faith and sincerity, thus the name “Bonafides".


Moving On

We aspire to be one of the best wellness spa provider in Singapore and continue to provide you with ISO standard services. We will strive to improve our services provided by upgrading ourselves continuously.

Why Bonafides?

27 Years

Established for the past 27 years and Bonafides is here to stay!

ISO Certified

We are ISO Certified and follows all the rules and regulations in the industry.



We import all our products from a manufacturer in France. Quality is definitely guaranteed.



The bulk of our clients came from referral for the past 27 years. We aim to maintain our excellent services

Results Orientated

We focus on the results because that is what our clients came in for. At the very same time, Bonafides makes the process very enjoyable.